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Best Service’s for Copying Deals

There are a lot of services for copying deals in Forex market today. Which of them are worth taking them into account?

Share4You ‒ Service for Copying Deals

Share4You is a simple and very convenient service with a big functional. You can copy signals of several traders at the same time, thanks to which your trading risks are reduced at the cost of using several strategies at once. You can start investing with any deposit size with the help of a scaling function. If you have some questions, you can communicate with a trader directly. The service Share4You is provided by a famous broker of Forex4You that guarantees quality and reliability.

Trading in Forex has never been so simple — copy orders from successful traders and earn! You’re just a few clicks away from starting to generate income by following and copying trading signals from professional traders. You do not need trading terminal or VPS server.

Benefits of Share4You
It’s easy to become familiar with the service
It’s easy to become familiar with the service. In order to earn money, you don’t have to be a professional trader. Share4You is very simple, comfortable and client-orientated.
A high speed of copying
The main benefit of the service is a high speed of copying deals. Trading signals of a leader are absolutely identical with signals got by a subscriber. They are copied automatically with minimum slippage.
Share4You ‒ Service for Copying Deals

Flexible copying settings
By choosing a leader, you can see the recommended sum of investments and calculate approximate revenue for a period from 1 week to 6 months. Pay attention to a deposit’s age and a graph of trade profitability. Also, you can set up the desired scale of copying deals.

Information about a trader
Do you have some questions about a leader? Just write your personal message to him. Also, you can see his rating and read reviews about him. Hesitate, which leader to choose? Forum of the service Share4You is at your disposal.

eToro ‒ Social Trading Network

eToro has designed a global platform for investment and financial instrument management. It allows trading currencies, indexes, cryptocurrencies and other tools. What’s more, you can discuss deals with successful traders, learn new trading methods and share your knowledge with less experienced traders. Now eToro is considered to be the biggest investment social network in the world: more than 6 million clients, annual turnover ‒ $360 million.

Every leader has an own profile that is opened for all network users. Here you can see a full history of conducted operations and start copying deals to your commercial account. That is the user’s profile where you can find the whole history: what a trader has made and written, his comments, likes and answers on users’ questions.

Thanks to a tag system and links in answers of experienced traders and popular investors, users, who read news about the specific financial instruments, get combined information from all traders, commenting or trading these instruments.

Benefits of eToro
Smart trading
eToro provides its clients with a variety of tools for successful deal copying. They are easy to use and ensure an accessibility of all information contained as at the website, so in a mobile application. Thus, there is no surprise that more than 6 million people all over the world have chosen eToro as the most preferable trading platform for them.

eToro ‒ Social Trading Network
Deal safety
eToro takes all necessary safety measures for reliable and secure storage of personal data and monetary resources of its clients. The service adheres to the highest cybersecurity standards, while clients’ funds are stored in first-rate European banks.
Individual approach
eToro employees are always ready to answer any questions you have. A support service operates 24 hours a day within a whole working week (24/5) that provides you with professional assistance at any time you need it. Besides, the service offers exclusive programs for training traders and informs its clients about topical financial news.
Free training from eToro
Any user registered at the platform can get an access to the main learning materials at once regardless of funds on the account. Also, the company provides its new users with a training course-instruction that it is intended for first-time investors and traders.
ZuluTrade – Social Trading Network

ZuluTrade was founded in 2007 by Leon Yohai, and created in response to the non-existence of a web-based platform that could audit traders globally and at the same time; enable traders to share their knowledge with people interested in their strategies.

ZuluTrade is a free service for automated copying the traders’ deals. More than 150 thousand investors are using the service all over the world. Thanks to ZuluTrade, Forex trading is absolutely automatized! The advantage of such systems for copying deals is that an investor takes all profit in contrast with PAMM accounts, where a considerable proportion is allocated to an administrator. A portfolio from ZuluTrade can become a part of your total investment portfolio.

Benefits of ZuluTrade
Easy work
Your main task is the choice of a trader from the rating of signal providers. Later, all deals will be made automatically; you just need to follow changes of your account balance. Today there are about 9000 Forex traders from all over the world in the system. A wide range of traders-providers offers big opportunities for those who want to earn. You can open a lot of accounts and choose different suppliers at once, thus creating a diversified portfolio.
You choose risks yourself
In the platform’s interface, an investor has an opportunity to move the risk/profitability cursor by the scale from 1 to 100, getting the preferable scores.
For example:
1st risk. Minimum: 60% annually, a maximum drawdown (risk) ‒ ~10%.
2nd risk. Moderate: 300% annually, a maximum drawdown (risk) ‒ ~30%.
3rd risk. Maximum: 2000% annually, a maximum drawdown (risk) ‒ ~80-90%.

ZuluTrade – Social Trading Network
33 brokers in Forex system
ZuluTrade doesn’t take part in Forex trading, though it provides trading signals. You should open an account by turning to brokers who cooperate with ZuluTrade. Most companies of this kind take leading positions in currency trading. They have the long years of working experience, while their activity is controlled by different financial services. The choice of dealing centers in Forex system is great; you can choose a broker from more than thirty variants.
Convenient account management
Thanks to a comfortable control over a commercial account, you always will be aware of conducted operations. For this, ZuluTrade has foreseen lots of convenient tools, including an application for iOS. In history, it’s possible to follow up the income curve by operations conducted and a single provider as well.


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