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Helpful Tips

Don’t strive for high revenues
Take traders’ accounts with too high profitability cautiously. An optimal profit is 5-10% a month. Remember that high increased revenues are connected with higher risks.

Distribute risks
Don’t invest all your money in the account of one trader. Choose several leaders and divide investments among them. An optimal quantity is from 3 to 5 traders.

Set up a copying scale
By creating the rule, you can set up a scale for copying deals. It has the score of 1:1 by default. Your balance is desired to be 2-3 times bigger than the leader’s deposit. For example, the recommended trader’s deposit amounts to $300. You also have $300 on your account. In order to reduce risks of going negative, set up the copying scale, for instance, 1:0.3. If the trader arranges a deal at $300, then the deal at $90 ($300*0.3) will be opened on your account.

Read reviews about a leader
Do you hesitate whether you should copy the deal of the chosen trader? In his profile, you can see reviews and estimation of his subscribers. Look for information about the trader on a forum of a broker company.

Information at the broker’s website
Before starting your work, get acquainted with information at the website of copying deals. Here you will find answers on most questions. Read training articles, answers on frequently asked questions, watch video and webinars.

Broker’s technical support
Can’t find answer on your question or hesitate in the choice of a trader? Turn to the broker’s technical support. A support agent will answer any questions you have and recommend where and how much money it’s better to invest.

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